hotel communication dispatching management
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  with the continuous development of hotel business, the hotel's hospitality, the front desk, catering, security, logistics, guest room can be on-demand and flux, so as to improve the work efficiency of the hotel staff, improve customer experience, create a loose and comfortable environment for the guest, this is the hotel internal communication put forward higher requirements, the voice is clear, no signal blind area, can effective scheduling, docking hotel management system.

this scheme adopts the advanced digital intercom system (PDT regular/cluster) and professional coverage technology (such as fiber optic repeater) solve hotel management problems in the process of communication. Digital intercom system can provide users with efficient real-time voice and data services, to achieve a call phone, group calls, all call on the phone and SMS, satisfy the hotel management personnel and the business needs of different staff; Digital intercom scheduling management software (the spirit) in intelligent voice dispatching at the same time also can achieve business docking with the hotel management system, distributed through digital interphone to realize automatic work orders.

The technical features of this scheme is as follows:
1. the advanced digital technology, improving the quality of speech
Even in a noisy environment or override the marginal, the use of the efficient digital error correction technology of PDT system will still be able to ensure excellent call quality. At the same time can also be compatible with analog interphone, convenient user for smooth transition.
2. a variety of signal coverage solutions, to provide users with a variety of choices
According to different hotel users, can provide different solutions. Can be meet the requirements of the customer specific professional repeater station construction repeater network to cover the target area. For individual users can also through the interconnection between turntable to solve some simple coverage problem.
3. efficient hotel scheduling management software
In addition to the conventional language communication, the hotel staff can achieve abundant data in the system business applications, including scheduling, data transmission, automatic text messages, GPS online login and notification.
4. communication system combined with hotel management software, to realize automatic work orders
The wireless communication system can spontaneously the check-out information in hotel management system will be automatically issued to the appropriate floor room check-out personnel in the handset, the first time to see, ensure timely departure, at the same time ensure clean room in the first place. Can the customer demand information, such as: order, the information such as meeting booking automatically distributed to the relevant personnel in the handset, ensure timely meet customer demand, improve customer experience. System business flow chart is as follows:

Hotel digital intercom system plan:
Plan 1: single turntable + + sea fiber optic repeater news dispatcher station

Scheme 2: PDT cluster + + fiber optic repeater DWS dispatcher station

Solution 3: more turntable IP interconnection + sea spirit - dispatcher station

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