1. people-oriented, men
  KaiLi treat employees as the most valuable wealth of company. Company to respect the value of each employee, and provide broad career development space and the ability to show stage. KaiLi will employees into the company development plan, the growth of employee recognition company's enterprise culture and the development goals, with core values as a common psychological contract, on the way to realize the vision and mission, together with the company gain honor, make progress together.

2. restraining, a meritocracy
  Restraining, KaiLi concept of choose and employ persons always adheres to the principle of meritocracy, all-round talents do multi-dimensional understanding, serious understanding of the characteristics of the staff, strive to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, fully excite the work enthusiasms of staff, on the stage of the KaiLi continuously to create superior performance!

3. the potential is above degree, major in performance is better than seniority
  In terms of recruitment, record of formal schooling is not the only standard we choose talent, we also value personal comprehensive quality and development potential, to accept and absorb talents development. Excellence performance is one of the core values of KaiLi, when introducing talents we have the same core values and results oriented, pay attention to process, to ensure that the excellent performance of the output.

Recruitment process
  The following positions through 51 job recruitment website, zhaopin, Chinese talents hotline resume, can also directly send your resume, please kindly indicate applied position and when the CV.